Chesterfield County Extension Staff
Chesterfield County Extension Staff

The Chesterfield County office of Virginia Cooperative Extension is your local connection to Virginia's land-grant universities, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University.

Through educational programs based on research and developed with input from local stakeholders, we help the people of Chesterfield County improve their lives.

We provide education through programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Family and Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development, and Community Viability.

6807 Mimms Loop
P.O. Box 146
Chesterfield, VA 23832

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Main Office: (804) 751-4401
Fax: (804) 751-0515
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Virginia Cooperative Extension Celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act

Join Virginia Cooperative Extension as it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act, which officially established the National Cooperative Extension System. Activities are being planned throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia to commemorate the centennial in 2014. Events will be held in local communities, recognition of our Extension volunteers, and even a Virginia Cooperative Extension Day on May 8! Check this site frequently for periodic centennial updates and articles about Virginia Cooperative Extension programs and events.

Free Public Seminars this Fall

Fall Vegetable Gardening

By planning and planting a fall vegetable garden it is possible to have fresh vegetables up to and even past the first frosts. Learn how to take care of your summer veggies as well as when and how to plant fall crops to extend the enjoyment of your garden.

7/26/2014            10:30 AM             Meadowdale Library

Fall Lawn Care

Late summer through early fall is the best time to sow grass seed and to perform lawn renovation. How to select the best type of grass for different lawn conditions, renovation or repair options, crabgrass and grub control, mole and fertilizer selection and application timing. The focus is on turf management practices that are environmentally sound.

8/13/2014        6:00 PM   Central Library


The fall season and even some of the milder weather periods of early winter present great possibilities in weed control. What does the season have to do with control?  There are a few major reasons: 1) many of our most problematic weeds in Virginia home lawns are cool-season broadleaf perennials, and fall is a time when they are actively growing.

Bring your weeds for identification!

8/19/2014            6:00 PM                Chester Library

Selecting and Planting Shrubs Correctly

It has been a hot summer but fall is right around the corner.  Cooler temperatures and changing colors are a welcome change in Virginia.  Fall can be a great time to spruce up your landscape with some new shrubs.  The very best time of year to plant, in terms of root growth and plant establishment, is during the fall.   Learn how to choose the right shrub for the right location and how to plant them correctly. 

8/20/2014            6:00 PM                Midlothian Library

9/10/2014            4:00 PM                Clover Hill Library

Alternatives to Grass

A lush lawn can be an appealing element in the home landscape and provides many important benefits, like reducing stormwater runoff and cleaning the air. In some situations, lawns simply are not practical. Come and learn what your alternatives areā€¦.

9/9/2014                6:00 PM                Midlothian Library

Trees: Selection and Planting

The average life span for a tree in the landscape is only eight years due to poor design and planting techniques.  Homeowners and landscapers often place trees in situations where trees have little chance of survival. Successful tree planting and establishment needs attention to several factors. Come and find out how to plant your trees and shrubs to give them the best chance to thrive.  

9/17/2014              6:00 PM                Central Library

Pruning Basics

Pruning is a regular part of plant maintenance involving the selective removal of specific plant parts. There are several basic reasons to prune. Whatever the reason for pruning, timing is a key factor for successful results. Learn the basics of correct pruning in this seminar.

9/17/2014              6:00 PM                Midlothian Library

Beekeeping for the Curious

One in every three tablespoons of food derives directly from the pollinating process of the humble bumble bee. But hives are collapsing at an accelerating rate with significant environmental consequences. Come and learn what it takes to keep bees. Find out how bees form hives and pollinate your plants.

9/24/2014              6:00 PM                Central Library

While these seminars are free, registration is encouraged as space is limited. Please call the Chesterfield Cooperative Extension at 804-751-4401 or email us at to register.

Grass Roots & Learn Your Landscape Programs 2014

Grass Roots and Learn Your Landscape Programs 2014

The Grass Roots Program is closed for this year. Thank you for joining us! Please call us at 804-751-4401 to be placed on the waiting list for Spring 2015. 

The Learn Your Landscape Program is currently full. We have reached our maximum number of registrants. If you would like to be put on a waiting list for 2015, please call the Chesterfield County Extension Office at 804-751-4401. 

Become a Master Gardener Volunteer


FCS News and Programs

Family Consumer Sciences has a line up of educational workshops for 2014. Some of these include "Making Your Money Go Further", "Minimizing Holiday Debt", "Small Steps to Health and Wealth", "Nutrition, Family Food Safety and Stretching Your Food Dollar" and "Fit Extension Connection". For more information, please contact Linda Jackson Cole, Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent, at 804-751-4401 or by email at

To see a more detailed listing of the educational workshops being offered, please click here.

Asian Needle Ant

The Asian Needle Ant:  As a health risk, this ant's venom can produce reactions ranging from mild irritation to

life-threatening anaphylaxis. To read more click on this link:

Agriculture and Natural Resources Info

The Chesterfield County Office of Virginia Cooperative Extension is proud to serve our residents with numerous lawn and garden programs and services. 

Read more....

Master 4-H Volunteer Program

Master 4-H Volunteer Program

4-H is looking for volunteers for the Master 4-H Volunteer Program. For more information

please contact Bethany Eigel; the 4-H Agent at, or Jennifer Farrow; the 4-H Technician 

at or call 804-751-4401. 

4-H Spring 2014 Newsletter

Chesterfield 4-H: It is officially Spring! Please enjoy the attached 4-H Newsletter. It has some fantastic 

contributions from our members & is also full of great things coming up in the next few months!  

Equine Resources

New!  Equine Resources page recently added!