Tips for Living with Wildlife in Chesterfield County

If you're lucky enough to live in Chesterfield County, Virginia, you have the pleasure of experiencing the outdoors in your backyard.  Many wonderful county parks offer trails, wildlife watching and other means of recreation; the James River Watershed offers aquatic recreation and we also have Pocahontas State Park!  Enjoy wildlife responsibly - here are some resources with tips on encouraging (or discouraging) wildlife in your backyard.  
white-tailed deer
white-tailed deer

Enjoying Wildlife

Outdoor Manners (PDF) VDGIF

Backyard Wildlife VDGIF

Backyard Habitats VCE

Fact Sheets for Improving Wildlife Habitat Around the Home US FWS; under Private Landowners section, Backyard habitat development fact sheets heading

Attracting Butterflies US FWS

Wildlife Cams VDGIF

Habitat at Home VDGIF

Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail VDGIF

However, sometimes conflicts arise between wildlife and humans.  Bird feeders may be raided by squirrels, trash upset by racoons, or even more serious property damage from woodpeckers, groundhogs, deer or bear.  The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is a wonderful resource to help deal with these conflicts.  

Common Wildlife Problems

Feeding Wildlife (PDF) VDGIF

Deer in Suburban Areas (PDF) Cornell Cooperative Extension

Managing Wildlife Damage from Virginia Cooperative Extension: 

Wildlife Damage Control Series from Penn State Cooperative Extension

Managing White-tailed Deer in Suburban Environments (PDF) Northeast Wildlife Damage Cooperative et al.

Urban Archery Season VDGIF

White-tailed Deer Fact Sheet (PDF) VDGIF

Living with Black Bears in Virginia VDGIF

Living with the Coyote in Virginia (PDF) VDGIF

Mosquito Control

Fight the Bite! Learn how to control mosquitoes around the home

Virginia Mosquito Control Association

FAQ about mosquitoes from Virginia Department of Health

Mosquito Safari - Interactive Game from Texas A&M Extension to help you identify mosquito problem areas and how to correct them