Cumberland County Staff
Cumberland County Staff

The Cumberland County office of Virginia Cooperative Extension is your local connection to Virginia's land-grant universities, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University.

Through educational programs based on research and developed with input from local stakeholders, we help the people of Cumberland County improve their lives.

We provide education through programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Family and Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development, and Community Viability.

1548 Anderson Highway
P.O. Box 80
Cumberland, VA 23040

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Main Office: (804) 492-4390
Fax: (804) 492-5718
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Language Interpretation Services Now Available

If you have limited English skills, do not let that stop you from visiting an Extension office. If you have difficulty speaking or understanding English, our staff can serve you by connecting you to one of our Extension agents through a telephone-based interpreter. Interpretation for more than 200 languages is provided. This service is free to our clients. Read more

2016 Buckingham Cumberland Water Testing Clinic

Water testing!

The Buckingham/Cumberland Water Testing Clinic will have its kickoff meeting on October 25th at 6:30 pm at the Buckingham Ext. Office.  The sample drop-off will be October 26th from 7 -9 AM at the Buckingham Extension Office and the interpretation meeting will be November 22nd at 6:30 PM at the Buckingham Extension Office.

Cost: $52 which covers the cost of one sampling kit – the analysis would normally cost more than $300 at a commercial water testing lab

The goal of the Virginia Household Water Quality Program is to improve the water quality and health of Virginians with private water supplies, such as wells, springs and cisterns.  Drinking water clinics are being held in counties across the state to give people with private water systems access to affordable water testing, help interpreting their water test results, and information about possible treatment options.

The samples are collected and iced in coolers and taken to the Biological Systems Engineering Water Quality Lab in Blacksburg for analysis.  The analysis and creating the water test reports takes about 4 weeks.  Once the analysis is complete, an Interpretation Meeting is held to distribute the results to each participant.  At this meeting, water test results are explained, and information provided about possible treatment options participants may consider.

The water test includes checking iron, sodium, fluoride, coliform bacteria, manganese, copper, pH, E. coli bacteria, sulfate, nitrate, total dissolved solids, lead, hardness, and arsenic.

Please click on the link below to view the flyer for more details:
2016 Water Testing Clinic flyer (PDF | 519KB)

2016 4H Fall Programs and Camps

Go 4-H!!

Please look over the Cumberland 4H after school programs and camps being offered this fall and click on the brochure for more details on any you would like to learn more about.

Short Chef Cooking Program is open to youth ages 9-13 and will be offered October 11th & 25th, November 8th & 22th.  The classes will be held from 3:30- 5:30 pm at the Cumberland Extension Office. Parents will need to make arrangements for kids to get to and from the Extension Office afterschool.  All Short Chef participants will be offered an opportunity to compete in a District Short Chef Food Challenge in the spring - that date and location will be announced. The cost is $30 which covers food and materials for all 4 sessions.   Participants will create a dish to take home and share after each session.   Registration deadline is September 30th.

The CloverBuddy After-School  Program will be offered to youth ages 5-8 on October 4th, November 1st and December 6th from 3:30- 5:00 pm at the Cumberland Extension Office. Parents will need to make arrangements for kids to get to and from the Extension Office afterschool.   Participants will focus on cooking, food, and nutrition.  The cost for participation is $21 for all 3 sessions.  Registration deadline is September 16th.

CSI Mystery Camp will be held at Holiday Lake 4-H Center on October 29-30. This camp is held for youth between the ages of 9 and 13 years of age. During CSI Camp, youth will learn the skills required to solve a mystery during CSI Camp. Law enforcement officers from surrounding counties assist 4-H with this camp making it a very popular and fun weekend camp. Campers will also enjoy a costume contest and other camp activities, such as Gau Gau and 4-Square. The cost for CSI Camp is $58. Registration deadline is October 14th.

Going Green Christmas Camp will take place on December 3-4 at the Holiday Lake 4-H Center. This camp is for youth from 5-13 years of age. Planned activities include Christmas Cookie Baking, Winter Wonderland hike, making recycled Christmas decorations, Christmas Dance, Talent Show, and much more. The early bird price for this camp is $65 before November 7th and $75 after November 7th. This year we will be collecting items for the local animal shelter. Registration deadline is November 14th.

Please click the link below to view the brochure for more details and the registration form:

2016 4H Fall Programs and Camps (PDF | 586KB)

2016 Gardening Series Workshop

man gardening

Where: Prince Edward Extension Office

Time: 5PM - 7 PM

When: March 14 - April 11 - May 9 - June 13 - July 11 - August 8 - September 12 - October 10 - and November 14

Cost: $30 for the entire series or $5 per class.

Register with the Prince Edward Extension Office by calling 434-392-4246 or email

Are you interested in growing your own vegetables?  Join the Prince Edward Extension Office each month in the demonstration garden to learn step-by-step.  Topics include but are not limited to: principles of organic gardening, building soil health, seed starting & seedling care, attracting bees, butterflies, & other beneficial insects, weed control, trellising, & water management, companion planting & square food gardening.  This series also includes cooking & food preservation demos!

Please click on the link below to view the flyer for more details:

2016 Gardening Series flyer (PDF | 342KB)

Cumberland 4-H Program overview


4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills.  The Cumberland County 4-H Program offers youth ages 5-19 opportunities to participate in a livestock club, educational contests, day and overnight camps, after school programs, and much more!

To find out more about the Cumberland County 4-H Program, contact:

Linda Eanes, Cumberland 4-H Extension Agent, by calling 804-492-4390 or email


4-H Motto:  To Make the Best Better!

4-H Pledge:

I pledge...My HEAD to Clearer Thinking,

My HEART to Greater Loyalty,

My HANDS to Larger Service,

and My HEALTH to Better Living,

For My Club, My Community, My Country, and My World.

4-H Colors: Green & White

The white is for purity.

The green, nature's most common color, is for life, springtime, and youth.



Heart of Virginia Master Gardeners

MG logo

What is a Master Gardener?

Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners are a unique group of trained volunteer educators who work under the guidance of VCE to provide unbiased, research-based, environmentally sound horticulture information to the public.  The Master Gardener program brings the resources of Virginia's land-grant universities - Virginia Tech and Virginia State University - to the people of the Commonwealth.   

How Do I Become a Master Gardener?

Master Gardener Trainees complete 50 hours of classroom instruction in subjects such as basic botany; soils & fertilizers; plant propagation; diagnosing plant damage; pesticide use & safety; trees & shrubs; lawn & turf management; pruning; landscape design; water quality; and organic practices. After the classroom instruction has been satisfactorily completed, the trainee becomes a Master Gardener Intern. Interns are required to volunteer an additional 50 hours during their first year before becoming an official VCE Master Gardener. Active Master Gardeners must receive an additional 8 hours of advanced training and volunteer at least 20 hours each year to remain a VCE Master Gardener.

Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Heart of Virginia Master Gardeners Association are now taking applications for the 2017 VCE Master Gardener Volunteer Training Class and will be accepting applications up until November 4, 2016.  This training class will take place most Fridays from 9 am to 12 pm starting January 6, 2017 and going to May 5, 2017, with Orientation on December 2, 2016.  Prior to the class, there will be a phone interview process with all applicants.  The classes and orientations will take place at the P.E. Extension Office Conference Room at 100 Dominion Drive, Farmville, VA.  For more information and to apply by November 4, 2016...please contact Katy Overby in the Prince Edward Extension Office at 434-392-4246 or email

Click here to view the Heart of Virginia Master Gardener website

Central Piedmont Master Naturalists



The Virginia Master Naturalist Program is a statewide corps of volunteers providing education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities. Interested Virginians become Master Naturalists through training and volunteer service.

Who Can Participate?

People who are curious about nature, enjoy the outdoors, and want to be a part of natural resource management and conservation in Virginia are perfect candidates to become Virginia Master Naturalists. It is open to all adults regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital or family status.


Virginia Master Naturalists are volunteer educators, citizen scientists, and stewards helping Virginia conserve and manage natural resources and public lands. The process for becoming a certified Virginia Master Naturalist typically takes 6 to 12 months. One starts by completing a 40-hour basic training course offered by a local chapter of the program. An additional 8 hours of advanced training are also required. An important part of the certification process is the required 40 hours of volunteer service.

Chapters are in development across Virginia. In an area where there is no existing chapter, several interested people and an advisor from a sponsoring agency can start their own.

Click here to view the Central Piedmont Master Naturalist website