Public Speaking Opportunities

Fairfax County 4-H offers plenty of opportunities for 4-H'ers to practice their public speaking skills and show off what they know.  4-H'ers are encouraged to give speeches or presentations at club meetings throughout the year.  Then, in February or March, 4-H'ers have an opportunity to come together with other 4-H'ers throughout the county to compete in Contest Day.  At Contest Day 4-H'ers can compete in public speaking, presentations, extemporaneous speech, Share the Fun (talent), and fashion revue in a supportive environment.  Participants will receive feedback and ribbons based on their performance.  Participants of the county contest are eligible to compete at the district contest in April.  Senior 4-H'ers can then compete in the state contest at 4-H Congress in June.  

We generally offer a public speaking workshop in February, if you are interested in receiving information about this opportunity, please provide your contact information here.  


Fashion Revue                                                                                                                                                                       

Consumer Comparison Worksheet (PDF | 42KB)

Fashion Revue Commentary Worksheet and Sample Commentary (PDF | 77KB)

Fashion Revue Score Sheets (PDF | 78KB)



Presentations Score Sheet (PDF | 60KB)

4-H Presentations Tip Sheet


Public Speaking

Public Speaking Score Sheet (PDF | 1MB)

Learn How to be a 4-H Public Speaker (PPT | 502KB)


Extemporaneous Speech

Complete Rules

Extemporaneous Speech Score Sheet


Share the Fun

Share the Fun Score Sheet (PDF | 50KB)