Share the Fun

Fairfax County 4-H Share-the-Fun

James Lee Community Center Theatre, 2855 Annandale Road, Falls Church, VA 22042-2260 

Show & Contest:  12 - 2pm, Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dress Rehearsal:  3-9 pm, Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Registration Due Date: Friday, March 23, 2012

Fairfax County 4-H members are encouraged to join in the fun and show off their talents in the 2012 4-H Share-the-Fun program on Saturday, March 31 at 12 pm at the James Lee Community Center Theatre.  This is sure to be a quality family program that your entire club and friends should plan to attend!  James Lee Community Center is located at 2855 Annandale Road Falls Church, VA 22042-2260.  The registration deadline is Friday, March 23, 2012 so please begin organizing your acts right away.  No audition is required, but all acts must be pre-registered by March 23 and ready by dress rehearsal!  There will be just one dress rehearsal on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 from 3 p.m. – 9 p.m. to review the acts and run through the whole show. Dress rehearsal is mandatory with the exception of illness, in which a substitute should attend to review the act, stage directions, and equipment needed.  We will schedule a time for each act that will best accommodate everyone’s schedule.

The Cloverbud Division (ages 5-8) will receive participation Cloverbud ribbons at the County Show. Cloverbud acts have no limit to number of participants. Senior division (ages 14-19), Intermediate division (ages 12-13) and Junior division (ages 9-11) acts will be judged using the Danish system and will receive either a blue, red, or white ribbons. All acts are limited to a maximum of 4 members with the exception of Cloverbud and Club Acts which have no limit but are ineligible for district contests.  Each act has a maximum of 4 minutes to perform.  Please adhere to this time limit!  All 4-Hers have the opportunity to compete at District Contests on April 21 (registrations for this contest are due April 2).  Senior 4-Hers have the opportunity to compete at State 4-H Congress.

Two special perpetual plaques will be awarded again this year. The “Susan Wahle Memorial Award will be presented to the overall top Share-the-Fun act (Juniors through Seniors eligible) and the “Kara and Rena Burchett Memorial Award” will be presented to the top Junior Share-the-Fun act.  These plaques remain with members of the winning acts for one year, and then are passed on to the top act each succeeding year. 

There are six Share-the-Fun categories as follows:

  • Vocal – singer(s) with or without accompanist, singer(s) with tape-recorded music, rap.  The accompanist may or may not be a 4-H'er, but only vocals will be judged.
  • Instrumental - any combination of up to four instruments.  Only the instrumental presentation will be judged.   
  • Dance – ballet, tap dance, break dancing, clogging, square dancing, modern, interpretive.  Only the dance presentation will be judged.
  • Drama - poetry, skits, mimes, reading from a play, choral readings, or monologues.
  • Variety  - baton twirling, puppet act, karate routine, lip sync, imitations, juggling, gymnastic routine, magic act, clowning, marionette act, stand-up comedian, baton twirling to music, floor exercise routine, circus act, drill team, ventriloquist act, step, bird calls.
  • Combination - a combination of two categories, such as singer playing an instrument, opening monologue and dance routine, singing and dancing, etc...  Participants will be judged on all aspects of the act.

The registration form can be found here Registrations are due March 23, 2012.    A sample score sheet, outlining judging criteria can be found here.  


All are welcome to attend the show on March 31, 2012 to support all of the acts and help celebrate our talented 4-Hers.














If you are a person with a disability and desire assistance or accommodation, please notify Octavia Walker, UAA, at (703) 324-5369 or TDD number: (800) 828-1120 during business hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.